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  • 18.21 Man Made Beard Balm 2oz

18.21 Man Made Beard Balm 2oz

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    For optimum results, use with 18.21 Man Made Wash. 
  • BALM is easy to scoop out of the jar and remember a little goes a long way. 
  • Grab a small amount of BALM and apply to dry hands. 
  • Work the BALM between your palms and then apply to damp or dry beard, mustache and skin. 
  • Apply BALM to the beard with a buffing action to get all over coverage. 
  • Shape the beard & mustache to your liking using your fingers, comb, or brush. Pinch to define.


Tame, shape, thicken, define & moisturize beards & mustaches. Highly versatile mix of premium oils, shea butter & beeswax. Fantastic for keeping your beard and the skin under your beard healthy to promote growth. Long lasting moisture for any beard, any skin. Featuring a spiced vanilla aroma. Paraben free.